The Article 6.4 Supervisory Body (SB) has published guidance on activities involving removals under the Article 6.4 mechanism of the Paris Agreement (the Removals Guidance). The SB also published recommendations on the requirements for the development and assessment of Article 6.4 mechanism methodologies (the Methodology Requirements). Both recommendations will be presented for consideration and adoption by the Parties to the Paris Agreement (CMA) at COP 28 starting later this month in Dubai, UAE. This bulletin highlights key information, guidance, and requirements provided by the SB in both the Removals Guidance and the Methodology Requirements. Removals Guidance Recommendation The Removals Guidance defines removals as the outcomes of processes to remove GHGs from the atmosphere through anthropogenic activities and destroy or durably store them. Requirements. The Removals Guidance provides the following requirements for activities involving removals under the Article 6.4 mechanism: Monitoring. Activity participants must monitor removals through appropriate application of quantification and estimation based on field measurements, remote sensing, measurement through instrumentation, and/or modelling. Post-crediting period monitoring, reporting, and remediation of reversals. Activity participants must undertake monitoring, reporting, verification, and remediation measures during the post-crediting monitoring period to confirm the continued existence of removals and to address any reversals of removals for which 6.4 carbon credits (6.4ERs) were issued during the active crediting period(s). The SB noted that 6.4ERs will not be issued for removals generated after the last active crediting period, including during the post-crediting monitoring period. Reporting. Activity participants must prepare monitoring reports after implementing monitoring operations and methods. These reports are to be prepared without a gap between two successive monitoring periods. The SB noted that methodologies will contain provisions specifying the minimum frequency of monitoring report submission, commensurate with the degree and nature of the risk of reversals. Accounting for removals. Removals eligible for crediting must exceed the applicable baseline determined in accordance with the Methodology Requirements and will be…