The Voluntary Carbon Markets Integrity Initiative (VCMI) yesterday announced that it is has appointed an Expert Advisory Group (EAG), which will provide advice to the VCMI Secretariat and Steering Committee ahead of the launch of its Claims Code of Practice later this year.

VCMI launched its Provisional Claims Code of Practice in the middle of last year. Earlier this week, VCMI announced a partnership with Winrock International to produce an operable VCMI Claims Code of Practice for voluntary use of carbon credits. The purpose of the Claims Code of Practice is to provide clear guidance to companies and other non-state actors on when and how they can credibly make voluntary use of carbon credits as part of their net-zero commitments and climate mitigation strategies, and the claims they can make about that use. 

VCMI said that EAG participants were invited to join the group due to the range of expertise they bring from across key sectors and geographies. Members include carbon market experts, environmental and sustainability professionals, Indigenous community leaders, and legal and accounting practitioners.

Resilient LLP Senior Partner and CEO Lisa DeMarco is among those appointed to the EAG. The full list of EAG members is available on the VCMI website.

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