The provincial government last week introduced Bill 13, Supporting People and Businesses Act, 2021, which includes legislative amendments to the Ontario Energy Board Act (OEB Act) and the Electricity Act
Changes to the OEB Act include:

  • removing the upper limit on the number of commissioners and providing that the Labour Relations Act does not apply to commissioners; and
  • providing for a single process for ministerial review of certain by-laws made by the board of directors of the OEB.

Changes to the Electricity Act include:

  • creating a two-year limitation period that applies to certain payments, adjustments, and amounts settled by the IESO; and
  • replacing current administrative penalties in Part VIII of the Act (which provides for the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA)) and empowering the ESA to order a person to pay an administrative penalty if the person has contravened a prescribed provision of Part VIII or the regulations made under it; certain restrictions, limitations or conditions of a prescribed authorization; or a prescribed order of the ESA.

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